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"Cessna 421C Golden Eagle"

This aircraft is about as ready as you can get; photos of exterior only right now!! New exterior being installed, new avionics panel being installed, just completed a new annual by Air Impressions!! It sports fresh engines and fresh props, exhuast, spoilers, strakes and more...



$350,000.00 In completion

1974 Beechcraft B-58 Baron IO-550-C's RAM engines!!

This sweet running honey was aquired from a 135 operation in Tennessee! The aircraft was in limbo for a couple of years when we purchased it! The old owners did not know exactly what to do with it since they had moved into bigger machines! After a nice aviation agreement the ex-owners agreed to get it ready for ferry. I went to pick it up and more than just a nice surprise! The aircraft performed supurb and made speed in excess of 190 knots! The aircraft was a very nice surpise that the little things worked perfectly!! Have now flown this aircraft about 15/hrs and it is an absolute joy! 

Brian A. Ridgley



$160,000.00 In completion

1990 Mooney M-20-J "AT" - this is one of the 4 aircraft we aquired from Kileen tx flight school! The aircraft is not a show stopper but it is a solid machine. Logs are below on this site and shows quality maintenance. Don't miss this aircraft because it to cheap!! Seriously - there is no autopilot and no great looks but it is still a 90's vintage aircraft!! This aircraft is plenty serviceable and is ready to go to work today. I have flown this aircraft personally on long cross country it is a super solit machine!

Brian A. Ridgley

Cell:  903-570-3690


$79,000.00 AVAILABLE