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1967 MOONEY M20C

We took this little "Honey" in trade from a major Piper distributor!

It was taken very good care of by the owner and speaks volume for an Vintage "C" Model.

It flys @ 138 knots all day long ... Sippin the Petrol!

Make a reasonable offer and fly it away!

All the question are answered on the spec sheet! 


Brian Ridgley

Office:  903-586-1521

Cell:  903-570-3690


$39,900.00 SOLD

Solid aircraft with good looks no major stories or issue! Local Texas owned for quite some time and good pedegree! Has just had a very very thorough annaul that cost the owner 28k getting her ready to roll. Has a KFC-200 autopilot and a Garmin GPS for IFR flying! Last owner used this aircraft for long distance flying across the U.S. 

Call Brian Ridgley and let him tell you about this Cessna!

Cell:  903-570-3690

Office:  903-586-1521




$159,000.00 SOLD

2001 C90B w/135 POWER!

At delivery, I flew this machine to Texas from Dayton, OH and Performed like a 'True Gem"!

True airspeed of 263 knots and flawless!

Fresh I - IV inspection by Beech facility in Dayton (Stevens).

I hope you get chance to FLY it!

Exterior has fresh detail on the paint and shows super!

Interior is been removed and detailed throughout!

This aircraft looks good and performs with the dash 135 Engines!


 Call Brian Ridgley

Cell:  903-570-3690

Office:  903-586-1521



$1,225,000.00 SOLD

N88XJ is a sweet low time honey!

Just completed a Beechcraft I-IV phase inspection and is really a joy to fly! No bad habbits and performs with these dash

35 power engine! 263 knots true airspeed! 

Call Brian Ridgley!

Cell:  903-570-3690

Office:  903-586-1521




$1,095,000.00 SOLD


Equipped with a 58"  FActory Cargo Door

with  Intergraded Air Star Door! We have personally owned this aircraft for

over 10/yrs! It has been leased all over the world and is an absolute wonderful aircraft! Let us know what

you want to do and we might even trade for something that works better for us now!

Call Brian Ridgley and schedule an appointment!

Cell:  903-570-3690

Office:  903-586-1521


$1,095,000.00 SOLD

An Exclusive Offer for only "ONE Person"!

RidgeAire wants to custom build your 401!

Includes:  Avionics, Paint, Props and Interior

of your choice! Delivery in Only 6 Months ...

Make Offer! Will share Aircraft for local

Clientele  at $33,000 each - Limited Shares.

Call and visit with Brian Ridgley

@ 903-586-1521!

$199,000.00 SOLD

1990 Mooney M-20-J "AT" - this is one of the 4 aircraft we aquired from Kileen tx flight school! The aircraft is not a show stopper but it is a solid machine. Logs are below on this site and shows quality maintenance. Don't miss this aircraft because it to cheap!! Seriously - there is no autopilot and no great looks but it is still a 90's vintage aircraft!! This aircraft is plenty serviceable and is ready to go to work today. I have flown this aircraft personally on long cross country it is a super solit machine!

Brian A. Ridgley

Cell:  903-570-3690


$70,000.00 SOLD

"Available for Sale or Long Term Lease"

Very Rare King Air 200T "TIP TANK"

Equiped with Cargo Door, Camera Port and

Drop Hatch.Tip Tank King Air 200's were built

for special mission purposesand were typically

used by governments for surveillance,

mapping or reconnaissance. King Air BT-007

was built by Beechcraft with the above options

being installed at the factory. The Aircraft was

sold new to the Japanese Government. If you

are looking for an Aircraft to purchase or lease

that is equipped for Surveying, In-Flight

Photography, Sonar Buoy Deployment, or if

you just want to have longer range than your

Buddy's King Air! This Airplane is for you...


$1,495,000.00 SOLD

Call and let us tell you about this Aircraft!

Brian A. Ridgley

Office:  903-586-1521

Cell:  903-570-3690




$39,000.00 SOLD

 "A Gorgeous Performer"

New Paint and Interior! Cruises at 190 knots,

features Garmin GTN-650 Nav/Comm/GPS,

Garmin Fuel Flow w/Safe Taxi on GTN-650,

King KCS-525 HSI, Avidyne EX-500 Moving

Map, Garmin Terrain Awareness, Dual Yoke

PTT, JPI EDM 760 Engine Analizer, Speed

Slope  Windshild, and muchmore. 

RidgeAire is pleased to offer this aircraft 

with 0 time Custom Airmotive Engines,

Part 135 Ready and so much more! 


$259,000.00 SOLD